City Motors handed over the first Renault Zoe electric cars with the longest range to ELMO Rent.

On Wednesday, May 27, City Motors AS handed over Renault Zoe – the first electric cars in its price class with the longest mileage in Estonia – to the short-term rental company ELMO Rent OÜ. The vehicles have a range of almost 400 km, and after just 15 minutes of fast charging, the Renault Zoe can travel an additional 100 km.

These are the first new Zoe models in Estonia with 50KWh battery and also first cars in the ELMO Rent car fleet with the Combined Charging System (CCS). These conditions make it easier than ever to rent an environmentally friendly vehicle that meets the best technical requirements.

“We are extremely happy that we have finally received the first cars to offer our customers the long-awaited new models and longer mileage of electric cars,” said Enn Laansoo Jr, CEO of ELMO Rent OÜ and added that the shutdowns of car manufacturing facilities, supply issues and pessimism of leasing companies have been overcome in cooperation with City Motors, and today even more electric cars can be shared in Estonia.

“The new Renault Zoe models are the first step on the way of long cooperation between City Motors AS and ELMO Rent. Over time the needs of both the car industry and our customers change, and we are happy to jointly bring even more electric cars to the streets. In cheerful and bold colors, Zoe is suitable for everyday movement for both private and business customers,” confirmed Jüri-Bruno Asari, Sales Manager of City Motors AS.

The Zoe electric car is also suitable for longer trips. For example, by a fully charged car you can drive from Tallinn to Viljandi and back. The new Zoe can also be charged quickly and conveniently in the actively expanding charging network. “With just a 15-minute break to drink coffee and charge the car, a modern fast charger enables you to drive additionally over 100 kilometers. Besides, all ELMO Rent customers can charge the vehicle free of charge at Enefit VOLT and ELMO Rent charging points,” added Asari.

“Various surveys and comments show that today customers are increasingly looking for the most environmentally friendly and domestic products and services. The biggest recognition of our cooperation is that the people of Estonia today can make their choice in favor of Estonian companies, environmentally friendly electric cars and sharing economy. Today is the best time to change our consumption habits,” encourages Laansoo Jr. people to actually act.

ELMO Rent has mainly targeted Renault Zoe to its business customers who want to reduce the costs related to their vehicle fleet, make longer journeys on average and at the same time respect the environment. “395 km driving distance, modern interior and exterior design, economy – all this is now available in the streets of Estonian cities and can be rented easily and cheaply via the app. We have taken care of supplying the Zoes with the best possible equipment, ”added Asari.

With the planned extension, ELMO Rent will continue to grow its car fleet to at least 100 environmentally friendly cars this year. The main goal is to bring customers new models of electric cars, which from today is crowned in the market by the Renault Zoe with 50Kwh battery capacity in terms of mileage, price and space.

ELMO Rent is one of the world’s first electric car sharing companies, offering customers environmentally friendly driving opportunities. Every month, ELMO Rent vehicles save in average more than 7,500 kg of CO2 in urban space. Since 2019, 100% domestic ELMO Rent has been the first car rental company awarded with the Responsible Business label.

City Motors AS is the official distributor of Renault and Dacia in Estonia belonging to the Eesti Talleks AS group. We have offices in Laagri and Tartu and dealers in Saaremaa – Warma Auto – and Narva – Albion Motors OÜ. The Renault Group recognized City Motors with the title of the best Renault and Dacia dealer in the Baltics in 2019.