The short-term electric car-rental company ELMO Rent will change its pricing to a minute-based model starting from 16th of March. This change will make it possible to offer customers more favourable short-term rental of environmentally-friendly vehicles in Estonia, and a more precise calculation of usage times than was previously available.

“In the past year, our growing fleet of cars has reached the right point for transitioning to a global price model, meaning minute-based pricing,” explained Enn Laansoo, Jr, the CEO of ELMO Rent. With minute-based pricing, ELMO Rent customers will pay for the use of the cars for the exact time spent using them. “Gone are the days when our customers had to wrack their brains about how not to pay extra and what to do with the rental time when they had completed their errands but a new half-hour had just started. I believe this is an important point for quite a few customers,” noted Laansoo, Jr.

With the new price list, one minute of short-term vehicle rental will cost from EUR 0.08 per minute, plus from EUR 0.15 per kilometre of driving. „This is still the most favourable mileage price among the short-term car-rental services in Estonia and the more you drive, the more favourable the rental price becomes,” explained Laansoo, Jr. The hourly price of car rental starts at EUR 4.8, the daily price is EUR 24, and the monthly price starts from EUR 99. “Besides environmental-friendliness and convenience, price is one of the most important points for customers. We have divided the car models in ELMO Rent’s fleet into three price groups, so the customer can choose a vehicle both by price and car model.”

With the new pricing coming into effect, and the recent changes being made in the company’s car fleet, the entire price list of ELMO Rent will become unified and will take effect from 16th of March.

“In traffic, time planning is quite an iffy thing. Regardless of what you do, the trip from point A to point B could take 23 minutes on one day and 42 on another. But time and money are certainly important resources for all of us. So the minute-based pricing will bring about a notable change in short-term car-rental, all to the benefit of our customers,” said Laansoo, Jr.

ELMO Rent’s car fleet includes more than 50 environment-friendly vehicles; and, thanks to support measures for electric cars, it will grow further in the coming months. The target for the year 2020 is to increase the fleet of electric cars to at least 120 cars.

ELMO Rent is one of the world’s first short-term electric car-rental companies offering its customers environmentally-friendly driving possibilities. Every month, ELMO Rent’s vehicles help avoid on average 7,000 kg of CO2 in the city space. ELMO Rent was awarded the Responsible Entrepreneurship label in 2019, and was also named a Promoter of Environmentally-Friendly Transport by Tallinn’s City Government.