Companies Autolevi and ELMO Rent offering car rental services reached an agreement for providing ELMO Rent electric car rental services in Tallinn and Tartu also via Autolevi. According to Tauri Kärson, the founder of Autolevi, the cooperation was initiated by the mutual wish to solve environmental problems.  „I have founded […]

Autolevi starts offering ELMO Rent electric cars!

ELMO Rent 2.0 calls you for making daily trips only for 99 euros per month! Monthly package price: You have the entire ELMO Rent car pool at your disposal on the terms of the monthly package in Tallinn, Narva, Tartu and in summer season also in Pärnu according to the […]


Have you noticed that your car might not be in use 90% of the time? It’s becoming rising trend in Estonian families to rent ELMO Rent electric and hybrid cars as family second car. Renting a car needs-based you might not only save money, but also the environment around you! […]

-30% – ELMO Rent needs-based – Comfortable and budget friendly!

We hope You had a wonderful Christmas time together with friends and family! New Year is the best time to reflect on yourself and say: ” Last year I was great, but this year I will try to be even greater!” HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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